Anonymous asked:
I'm in college and I know a girl who's 18, (I'm 19) and her boyfriend is 23. when him and I first met we immediately got along & we've been acting like best friends ever since but when she's around he barely talks to me & apparently she doesn't treat him very well. one night we were drinking & he was flirting with me the whole night and telling me I deserved a good guy and gazing at me. we're all sharing an apartment next year & I don't know what to do. I like him but I don't want to.

Oh boy.  I can predict that sharing an apartment with these two would be disastrous.  I mean, come on…if you guys ever hooked up or started dating, where would that leave her?  She’d move out and then you’re hooking up or dating someone that you’re living with ….. awkward!  My advice would be to let their relationship play out…try not to get in the middle of it.  When he’s ready to make a move to you, he’ll hopefully break up with her first. If he doesn’t do that, do not hook up with him!  If you do, you’ll be giving him the best of both worlds and he’ll never make a move! Who knows anyway, a lot can happen in a year…you might not even like him down the road. But when you’re looking for a roommate, think long and hard…it’s someone you’re going to be living with day in and day out.  You definitely don’t want to be flirting with their boyfriend or vice versa.  :)