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Do you have any advice on making phone calls? I have no idea why but I freak out every time I have to make a phone call. I start getting really anxious, shaky, nauseous, and I usually cry.

Yes, practice, practice, practice…I don’t know if you’re talking about calling friends up or like businesses..but the only thing I can say is to keep doing it until you get the hang of it and it isn’t so scary anymore….

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My mom walked in on me and my friend having sex about two weeks ago and she called me a whore and she hasn't said one nice thing to me since. It's like I completely disgusted her. She said I'm gross for having sex with someone I wasn't even dating. She barely talks to me, and when she does it's only hurtful things. How do I fix this. :/

YIKES!!  That’s pretty embarrassing!!  Okay, so realize us moms grew up in a different time warp…we weren’t as free with our bodies are your generation seems to be.  We very rarely gave it away for nothing!!  I mean we would be in committed relationships for weeks on end before we had sex!  But as compared to our parents, we were having sex before getting married so I guess your generation took the next step in that scenario! lol  Anyway, that’s probably her mind-set.  The only way you can fix something like this is by sitting down and having one of those talks…remind her your generation is a bit more freer-thinking than we were.  Tell her that having casual sex isn’t the end of the world as long as you’re both mature enough to handle it.  Also tell her not to make you feel bad about yourself…that’s a no-no.  She can disapprove and not like what you’re doing, but she should not be saying hurtful things like you’re gross or whatever….

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17 and 23 yr old?!

Age differences can be huge right around this age frame…because some 16, 17 year olds aren’t as mature as supposedly a 23 year old so five years in age can make a huge difference here.  Of course when you’re in your late 20s and up, it makes no difference at all, it’s like we’re all on the same playing field…but I’m wondering why a 23 year old guy would even be interested in some 11th grader when he’s been out of high school for almost 5 years!!  See the difference?  So, again, I guess it depends on the mature level of everyone involved….